It is all about the right wood

More than 97% of //SKID are made of a single piece of wood from the nearby forests in Germany. We are using Robinia for our knife: it is harder than oak, has a higher concentration of tannin which has antibacterial properties and Robinia is a regrowing ecological resource.


Did you know, that the production and processing of wood uses much less energy than most other building materials? During the growth period, every tree is transforming carbon to oxygen. Less energy is required for the production. The result: Wooden products have a significant lower carbon footprint and are lowering the carbon concentration during the growing process.


Wood is durable and sustainable

Wood is one of the most durable natural materials. The strength to weight ratio is higher than structural steel. By properly looking after, it can last hundreds of years. By using wood as the main component of //SKID we assume to renounce the use of chemical cleaners. The only thing you need is clear warm water.


Wood is aesthetical and warm

Wood is more appealing than conventional artificial materials for //SKID. It features a warm and familiar surface over the whole knife. The form of //SKID is inspired by the natural distance and shape of the annual rings and integrates them in the ergonomically design.