The love of my knife

We decided during our research and development time, to work with a high alloyed carbon steel. We believe that it is the better steel for stunning knives. Carbon steel stays sharper longer than stainless steel and it is easier to sharpen carbon steel up to the level of a razor blade.


The more individual steel

Carbon steel provides his own protection against weathering through the formation of natural patina. The patina is generated during the process of using your //SKID, cleaning it with the necessary care and drying it. Patina is even more than just protection against rust. It tells the story of how it is been used, just like good leather boots or your raw denim.


Tradition and modern manufactoring

The Blade of //SKID is made from traditional high alloyed carbon steel. The steel that is used over decades by Japanese knife makers. The rough form of the blade is cutted by CO2 laser. After that, we handle every blade individually. It gets hardened by hand to achieve the maximum of hardness. After that we bring the wooden body and the blade together and sharpen the blade by hand to a stunning sharpness and lasting edge retention.