The last Mile

We spent nearly two years to realize our dream of //SKID. Starting with the idea and some small sketches in 2014 we got it and are now live on Kickstarter with our very first product. //SKID stands for every single point of our philosophy. 97% of //SKID are made of a single piece of wood, combined with a thin but durable blade of high alloyed carbon steel.

It is not only the first chef knife that we made, it is the first knife ever of its kind.


Cooking interlinks people

The last mile was a really exciting experience during our journey. Because of //SKID we got in contact with so many new people, that were glowing in their praise for //SKID. They tried out our prototypes and gave us a lot of feedback how to get a even better chef knife. The people we met, has been a way more than test persons, they had become friends and showed us how to make their favourite meals, invited us to their homes for having dinner and of course talked to their friend about //SKID.


//SKID at Kickstarter

After this exciting two years we decided to launch //SKID at Kickstarter. As a backer you have the benefit of saving up to 45% percent to the upcoming retail price. You support us in our first stage of producing //SKID and as a backer you get all exklusive informations from behind the scene and on top every update about //SKID.

We hope to see you on - Kickstarter -